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In the dynamic world of gaming, film, video, and shorts, the right score or soundtrack can elevate the emotional impact and engagement of the audience. My work in composing and arranging scores and soundtracks involves a deep understanding of the medium’s narrative and emotional beats, whether it’s for an intense gaming session, an emotionally charged film scene, or a captivating short video.

For gaming, I focus on creating music that enhances the player’s experience, responding to in-game actions and changes in the narrative. The music is not just background; it’s an integral part of the gaming world, dynamically shifting to reflect the player’s journey. From epic orchestral pieces that underscore major battles to ambient tracks that set the mood for exploration, each composition is crafted to immerse the player fully.

In film and video, my approach is about understanding the story’s heart and translating it into musical language. Whether it’s a subtle undercurrent of tension, a soaring emotional climax, or a lighthearted moment of joy, the music is composed to perfectly match the visual storytelling. I collaborate closely with directors and editors to ensure that the music not only supports but also enhances the narrative, adding a layer of emotional depth that connects with viewers.

My work in this field is characterized by versatility and creativity, adapting to various styles and genres to create a unique auditory identity for each project. Whether it’s an adrenaline-fueled action sequence, a heart-wrenching drama, or a whimsical animated short, my compositions and arrangements are designed to resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Scores & Soundtracks


(Original Murder, She Baked! Podcast Soundtrack)


Film, Video & Shorts

(Official Lifetime In A Day Video Soundtrack)

(Official Queen Of Hackers Video Soundtrack)

(Official Arc Of Ages Video Soundtrack)

(Official Archangel Video Soundtrack)


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