Mastering Engineer
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About Me

100% committed to your project.

Trained under legendary Grammy Award-winning mix/mastering engineer Blake Le Grange. I offer top-shelf mastering services at a local price that focus on adding the perfect emotion to your song, media, art, film, game or product.

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For Bands & Artists

Affordable mastering services. I strive to work with the artist to create warm, punchy and emotional masters while checking all the boxes for streaming and vinyl.

For Businesses & Licensing

I can work across genres to design the perfect sound for your project, regardless of business size, line or industry.

Stem Mastering

Another way to get the most out of a mix so that your song translates in the best possible way across as many real-world listening situations as possible.



Per song


Per song for EPs (5+ songs)


Per song for Albums (9+ songs)

Get in Touch

Whether you’re an artist, managing a commercial
project or producing your own short film,
I’d love to hear from you.

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    All playlists have FEATURED MASTER TRACKS for you to enjoy.


    Annapolis, MD

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