4Artists (Production Pack)

This production pack is perfect to get you started!
Mix + Master + Art Cover
This solution includes the following:
1 Full Mix.
1 Master.
1 Art Cover.
4 design adaptations of the art cover
so you can post everywhere:
Instagram/Facebook Stories
YouTube Landscape banner
Spotify Canvas



So what other piece of “Art” is needed to make your music pop?

Clearly the main piece of art is the one you’ve created, your music, your own masterpiece. Then your Mastering Engineer’s artistry to make it sound great everywhere. Finally, the Visual Art component. Either we like it or not, if the Cover doesn’t pop among thousands of other releases, then your music may well never be played.

This is why I’ve partnered with Sanfe to bring a comprehensive solution for the modern Independent Musician and/or Producer of today. Sanfe is one of the best artists and creative minds I know. His art and all of his designs stand out, always.

The Production Pack is a solution that combines Mixing, Mastering & Art Cover for a very low cost.

All you need to release
your singles.

Get more, pay less.

Get it for half the price!